Specialists in technologies, equipment, materials and additive manufacturing applications

Experience and professionalism

Orderly and structured additive manufacturing implementations

We started our activity in 2013 with the aim of offering a professional supply service for 3D printing products. Since then, we have experienced in the first person the evolution of the sector, the new technologies and materials that have been emerging, as well as the new applications and possibilities that additive manufacturing provided to an endless number of industrial activities.

We have also witnessed the oversized expectations that proclaimed the additive manufacturing valid for any application and substitute for traditional manufacturing technologies, causing improperly set implants and disastrous experiences for numerous companies.

Therefore, we rely on our experience and extensive knowledge of technologies, equipment, materials and applications to successfully carry out additive manufacturing implementations aimed at improving the efficiency of production processes and the value chain of each client.

They have trusted us:

Under Filament2Print we offer one of the largest product ranges for different 3D printing technologies: printers, filaments, resins, accessories, components…

We make sure to verify the traceability and quality of each of the products we offer, tested prior to its launch by our technical team, with extensive experience in the sector.

We are continuously researching and analyzing new products and materials, incorporating the latest developments in 3D printing into our catalog.


Our facilities

Our facilities are located in Nigrán (Pontevedra, Spain).

We have a warehouse equipped with the optimal conditions (temperature, humidity …) to guarantee the traceability and perfect conservation of our products.

We also have the necessary equipment to perform equipment and materials test for different 3D printing technologies. This allows us to know first-hand the latest news and innovations, as well as analyze their possible applications.

Additionally, we have rooms equipped to provide training sessions in our own facilities.


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