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How additive manufacturing can increase your company’s competitiveness

Consulting and technical-economic analysis

We detect the possibilities that additive manufacturing can offer for the optimization of your production process

The orderly and structured implementation of additive manufacturing or 3D printing in current production processes is one of the main factors for improving competitiveness in any field of industry in an increasingly demanding global environment.

To achieve this, the starting point must be to analyze, from a technical and economic perspective, the value chain in its entirety, in order to understand its different phases with its level of importance and detect the points of improvement where additive manufacturing can add value , either in reducing inefficiencies (time, resources, etc. and therefore cost) or generating new impossible solutions through traditional manufacturing methods.

Detect the critical points of the value chain and reduce them.

Define the necessary equipment and acquisition or outsourcing decision.

Select which materials can replace and improve current properties.

Determine the training needs of human resources.

Orient the supply chain to lean philosophy with JIT process programming.

Analyze the feasibility of converting certain references to a digital warehouse.

Plan the implementation phases in an orderly and structured way.

Calculate implementation costs and return on investment (ROI).

The importance of a prior rigorous analysis

3D printing has already passed the launch cycle that any new technology must pass, leaving behind false expectations that considered it a valid technology for any application, even a substitute for traditional manufacturing technologies. Under these false premises, disorganized and unstructured implementations have been carried out, applying 3D printing in productive processes in an unsuitable manner, resulting in negative investments and experiences.

Why Dativic?

Our deep knowledge about additive manufacturing in terms of technologies, materials, equipment and applications, together with the extensive experience in accompanying the industrial implementation of different production processes, allows us to offer solutions aimed at improving the productivity and competitiveness of the company , always in search of excellence in the fields of application analyzed, always taking into account the technical, economic and human training.

Improve your competitiveness

Let us know your current situation and we will analyze where a competitive improvement based on additive manufacturing could be obtained.