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How to implement and integrate additive manufacturing in an orderly and structured way

Implementation and integration of additive manufacturing

We introduce the processes and equipment necessary to integrate AM into the production process

For a successful implementation of additive manufacturing, proper planning will be essential to ensure that its integration into the production process is carried out in an orderly and structured manner.

Accompanying the different flows of information and introduction of resources will be essential to minimize possible frictions and prevent the proper functioning of the value chain from being interrupted.

We have desktop 3D printing equipment for an initial phase, normally oriented to prototype validation, as well as industrial 3D printing equipment for cases where validated parts already exist and it is intended to manufacture functional parts in advanced materials.

Some myths about additive manufacturing integration

Why Dativic?

Dativic performs and directs the implementation process in situ in your company, adapting the organization to the action plan. We have extensive experience helping companies of different sizes and industrial activities in the implementation of additive manufacturing, always trying to achieve excellence in each specific field of application (prototypes, final parts, combination with traditional technologies, etc.).

If the internal integration of additive manufacturing equipment is necessary, through our equipment and consumables marketing division (Filament2Print), we guarantee total availability of a wide range of the best products on the market with an agile and robust supply professional.

Succesful integrations

We plan the implementation of additive manufacturing in your company in an orderly and structured way.