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Assistance and support with maximum reliability to extract the maximum potential of additive manufacturing

Specialized technical support

The necessary assistance to obtain the maximum performance of the different technologies and materials

Our experience in the sector and our extensive knowledge about technologies, materials and applications allows us to offer a fully specialized technical support service:

Our technical support service is available for contracting in person or remotely.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Robust accompaniment for your 3D printing implementation to maintain optimal productivity

Preventive Maintenance Plan

Oriented to minimize the loss of productive capacities due to failures in additive manufacturing equipment and optimize the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Corrective maintenance

Specialized technical service for the rapid resolution of incidents and unexpected failures in additive manufacturing equipment.

Supply of equipment and consumables

We guarantee the supply of a wide range of 3D printers, filaments, resins, accessories and components.

Under Filament2Print we offer one of the largest product ranges for different 3D printing technologies: printers, filaments, resins, accessories, components, etc.

We understand the supply far beyond the traditional vision of only focusing on speed and cost. Our vision encompasses a global perspective of the entire supply chain, with the aim of continuous optimization and always guaranteeing its reliability.

Thanks to an integrated supply chain management, we guarantee a high level of availability in our products and an optimal flow of materials, information and financial, applying triple A with our customers:
Adaptation to the peculiarities in the company’s processes.
Alignment with the objectives of the customer value chain.
Agility for immediate response to any demand.

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Reliability and professionalism

We help you optimize your productivity with personalized assistance, minimizing incidents and providing a total guarantee.